Monday, July 29, 2013

The Army took him away again! Detto is in TEXAS!!!

Detto has been working hard in Texas, but they gave him a Saturday off!! 
He is currently been training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas! 
(It's really hot there!)
Several people have asked me what he is doing in Texas and honestly...
I have NO IDEA!! 
I know that he is doing training, marches, shooting weapons, and still working on his doctorate classes, but I don't know any specifics! 

Anyways, on his day off he decided to check out the River Walk! Isn't this pretty??

He is so cute! Random people decided to photo bomb him! LOL
 This makes me crack up! 

I am looking forward to visiting him and checking this out myself! 

I sure do miss this face! 
I don't like it when he goes away, but at least this is the shortest trip ever!

I am not sure what this is, but it sure looks cool! 
I miss you Baby! 
Hurry Home to us! 

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