Sunday, July 21, 2013

School Fun!!

We had a guy bring a Hot-Air Balloon to the school! 

This thing was HUGE!! 

See here I am standing next to it while it is being blown up!! 

The kids were blown away... (Get it??)

It was really neat to watch how they do it! 

Ms. Dora and Mrs. Bender got to go in it! 

I LOVED the colors!! 

So NEAT!! 

I also got a picture of the kids worship band! 
Stephen happened to be playing the Cajon Drum, but normally he plays the drum set! 

During Spirit week we had Mr. George come to the school! He painted this picture! 

We loved all of the fun songs and dancing that he did! 

I love how the kids got involved! 

Even Stephen came and enjoyed it! 

So cute...

Mr. George brought a missionary from India with him! 
This man shared about all they are doing for the orphans and people of India! 
What an awesome testimony and work that he is doing! 

George does interpretive dance and sign language! 
It was really neat to watch. He really loves to praise God! 

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