Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quilting Update and School Awards!

I have been working on my Underground Railroad Blocks!! 
I am making a quilt from fabrics that were printed during the Civil War era. Each block represents a quilt that was made during that time in order to send a message to Runaway Slaves who were unable to read. 
The quilts and/ or quilt blocks helped tell the slaves how and where to get supplies and help during their flight to freedom!! 

I am loving all of the different blocks! 

This is a paper pieced block that I am making for a "Sewing" Themed Quilt! 

I am in love with these colors and the theme of this quilt! 

I don't know why I don't work on one quilt at a time. For some reason I do best while working on multiple projects at once! 

Right before School ended the kids were awarded their end of the year awards: Alyssa got several! 

She is soooo Awesome! 

This is her Drama Award! 


I am glad that the school recognizes the kids for their individual talents! 


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