Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bahamas Cruise Part 2

We pulled into the port of Nassau next! 

It was a really nice spot! 

I had never been to Nassau before! 

It was really a nice town! 

When we came into port, it was neat to see the Bahamas Navy Ship!

We went snorkeling again! We found a captain with a boat and he took us to some beautiful reefs. 
We went snorkeling for hours! 
He gave us a mini-tour of the island and even showed us the yachts, mansions, and even Atlantis. 
I did bring my underwater camera with me and those pictures are in my photo album.
Afterwords we came back to the ship to have lunch. 
We decided to break down and buy a drink!  

This was very yummy! 
It also doubles as a bank! So cute!! 

After lunch we decided to tour the island and do some exploring and shopping! 
I will post more soon! 

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