Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea World with Nana

For Christmas we promised Ora that we would take her to Sea World! With Detto gone so much it hasn't happened, until Tuesday....

We went to Sea World as a treat for Nana, but I think it was more of a Treat for me than for her! She proved us all WRONG... She said that she LOVED roller coasters. I must admit, I didnt believe her. I thought maybe she was talking about kiddie-coasters! But she was talking about THE REAL THING!

SHE RODE EVERY SINGLE ONE! When we were all done, she was wanting MORE! I was shocked!

We had a Wonderful Day! We rode every ride at Sea World and watched every show except three of them! We had a FULL day! The lines were not too bad. I have definately seen MUCH worse!
I was thrilled to be able to buy her ticket at PUBLIX of all places for $20 less than the gate price and... they still gave her the extra day free! I was SHOCKED and very happy!

I love looking at the animals and it was nice to have someone else who enjoyed them as much as I did! We even went through the shark tank TWICE! Just me and Nana!
For Dinner we went to the 2 Story McDonalds on I-Drive!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun as a FAMILY!

We have really been enjoying our time with DETTO!!

We have had tons of great QUALITY family time! I have not done ANY sewing since he has been home! Isn't that AMAZING???
We only have a few more days together, but I have been reading a great book that I think has helped me ALOT... Psalms 91~ God's Shield of Protection ~ Military Edition By Peggy Joyce Ruth! It takes Psalms 91 and goes verse by verse to explain and encourage! I have been reading it out loud to Detto! We have both been REALLY benefiting from it!

We have been doing soooo much stuff as a family ~ playing board games (almost EVERY night) & video games, Watching movies, going out to eat, going to Fun Spot, Busch Gardens, Sea World & the Clearwater Aquarium!!
Here are some pics of some of our GREAT Adventures together...
This is Winter the Dolphin at the Clearwater Aquarium. She lost her tail in an accident, but she can still swim. Check out her story here!

The kids holding a SEA URCHIN!!! YIKES

We LOVED Busch Gardens!

And Fun Spot was LOTS OF FUN!!
We had a BLAST on the go-carts! We are just too competitive though.... Detto bumped me and made me spin out! I almost got crashed into by 4 other drivers! Crazy Detto!

Life has been REALLY GREAT with our family together!
I am thankful for this time of fun and blessings!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day and Family Fun!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Father's Day! I was soooo nice to actually have Detto home for a Holiday ~ expecially Father's Day!
We had a WONDERFUL day!!
Stephen and Detto built a skateboard ramp after church...

 and I spruced up and painted a headboard that I picked up at a thrift store!!

Then at night we went and walked around Downtown Mount Dora and took Detto our for Coffee and Treats!

Sissy and I split a HUGE piece of Chocolate Fudge Cake and the boys split some of our FAVORITE Blueberry Crumb Cheesecake! WE LOVE the "One Flight Up" Cafe!! Their coffee and desserts are soooo yummy!!

Overall our day was GREAT!

Saturday was also a BLAST seeing so many friends!
Brian & Erica

AKA. Little Joe

Detto and Nana

Heather Hurley

We got Detto a Carvel Ice Cream Cake ~ The only one I could find said Happy Birthday! So it was a going away birthday party! LOL

Grandma Chris, Detto, and Will (Chris's new hubby)

Joe & Chris Stephens

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Adorable Johnny

Last Week I had the PLEASURE of taking my sweet Nephew Johnny out on an "Aunt Lisa Date"! He just graduated from the 8th grade and is now making his way to the one the only.... HIGH SCHOOL!
When I think back I can remember how thrilling it was to go from middle school to High School! I was suddenly "more responsible", older, and much more COOL!! I knew it ALL!!
Well, Johnny is more humble than I was, but not by much!

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon in downtown Mount Dora! It was sooo nice! We went to the Copacabana Cuban Cafe'!

We walked all around downtown and then we ended our day with a trip to the Mount Dora Confectionaries aka Jae-Lyn's Sweet Shoppe!! Yummy to my tummy!

I'm glad that God has blessed me with such a sweet nephew like Johnny!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Science Experiments & Life

This weekend I got to go to my very first EVER book signing. It was really neat! I saw Debbie Macomber and she signed a book for me! She is one of my favorite authors. (ONE of... many) I really enjoyed hearing about her life and her inspirations! She was really nice and she was shorter than I expected! LOL

Alyssa and I have been wrapping up the school year and we have been working on lots of science experiements! Some have turned out GREAT and some have Stunk (literally)! She loves all of the hands on stuff. We finished science, but she wanted to learn more about the brain, so... We started next years science. We made brain goop. The experiment called for Blue Cheese.. isnt that gross?? She made a model of the brain and that turned out really GREAT!

I am counting down the days till Detto gets back home!! Only a week left! Yippy!

AND... I got to babysit my wondermus neice Abby today! She is soooo sweet! I just love how clingy she is! She has the most beautiful BLUE eyes! So precious!

Life is good!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Giveaway Found!

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