Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Science Experiments & Life

This weekend I got to go to my very first EVER book signing. It was really neat! I saw Debbie Macomber and she signed a book for me! She is one of my favorite authors. (ONE of... many) I really enjoyed hearing about her life and her inspirations! She was really nice and she was shorter than I expected! LOL

Alyssa and I have been wrapping up the school year and we have been working on lots of science experiements! Some have turned out GREAT and some have Stunk (literally)! She loves all of the hands on stuff. We finished science, but she wanted to learn more about the brain, so... We started next years science. We made brain goop. The experiment called for Blue Cheese.. isnt that gross?? She made a model of the brain and that turned out really GREAT!

I am counting down the days till Detto gets back home!! Only a week left! Yippy!

AND... I got to babysit my wondermus neice Abby today! She is soooo sweet! I just love how clingy she is! She has the most beautiful BLUE eyes! So precious!

Life is good!
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