Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day FUN!!

This was a VERY BUSY weekend!! But I loved every minute of it! I love my family and I feel so blessed to spend so much time with them!

This year the kids were so SPECIFIC about what they wanted to get Detto for Father's Day! They wanted to get him the Perfect Pull-up and a movie that I had never even heard of! They are so cute!

Detto was crackin' us up with his poses!

This bow and wrapping paper has been used now on 3 different gift. I have a personal goal to see how many times I can use it! It's stupid, but fun! You never know where this bow and used paper will show up next!

On Sunday we went out to eat after church at Detto's favorite hole-in-the-wall Cuban Restaurant.
Then we made the .... Dreaded Trip to Lowe's! I dont understand the thrill of Lowes for men! Detto wanted to work in the yard on Sunday and plant some ferns that we got from Lisa's OVERGROWN Fern Jungle!

I thought the boys looked so cute. They didnt mean to dress alike, but once I noticed it... I snapped away!

Alyssa had to ride on the cart! She is so cute! Detto was walking too fast, so I made him stop and pose!

The only thing that I wish we could have done was to see my Dad for Father's Day! Oh well!
I hope everyone had a great Father's Day Weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Round Robin Process

This Round Robin center block has been REALLY TOUGH!!
I dont know why, but my fabric keeps bubbling. Its not laying flat. I used stablizer and interfacing.... Huh?? Lisa said my top tension was too tight, but when I put it from 2 to 1 it did the same thing.... Oh well. I have to mail this out by Friday so I need to get it finished.
Here is my Round Robin up to this point....

I need to add a border, but I cant decide which fabric to use.
I love them all so much!
Also, I want it to be easy for the other quilters to add a matching border! Hhhhhhhuuuuuummmmmmm!

Here are some close ups of each of the fabrics, what do you think?

1. Green                  2. Floral Pinky 
3. Peachy stripes 4. Dark Pink

Can you tell I love PINK??
I really need some feedback! So thanks in advance for your help!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Under the WEATHER!!

Wednesday at 3am Alyssa Started Puking! Ugh...
Then at 7 am Stephen joined in on the fun... Ugh Ugh....
Now I feel Yucky!!
Alyssa and Stephen both slept ALL DAY! Alyssa was running 100.1 fever for most of the day! I hope this is only a 12-24 hr thing!

Both of the kids wanted something light for dinner, so maybe that is the light at the end of our tunnel!

Pray for us! So far Detto has been fine! Fingers Crossed!

Process Pledge Update!

This is my Process Pledge update! I'm not sure who cares, but here goes anyways!
This is Lisa and I cutting blocks for a Pinwheel Quilt-A-Long found here!
We cut our blocks, now we will do our own Quilt-A-Long!
Here are the blue and white star blocks that I recieved for my May and June Block Swaps!
Here is what I'm working on today... This is a mini-quilt that am going to quilt TODAY!!! I made the backing out of scrappy fabric (I forgot to take a picture of the backing). I am going to sandwich this, pin it, and quilt it tonight! This will be a quilt for me to sell at the Ocala Womens Convention on the 26th!
Also... I have to finish sewing this top together. I am not sure if I should do a solid back or scrappy??

Here is my International Round Robin Block that I am making. I cut out and fused all of this, now I just need to finish applique'ing it to the background fabric!! I LOVE IT! I was supposed to have this send out by the 10th oops! I sent an email saying that I was running behind! I think I am going to add a border to this once it is finished to make it bigger. The bigger your starting block the bigger the finished project and I want this quilt to be HUGE!!

This is another block that I got in the mail this week from my Boomerang Swap! I love it!

So that is my process update for now!
Today I plan on getting LOTS of sewing done. I cant leave the house. Alyssa and Stephen have been hackin' it up all day and night. Ugh. I might have to run to Publix for more Gatoraid and crackers!
Pray for them!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Process Pledge Update!

Ok... This is going to be harder than I thought. As I started taking pictures deciding what to share I thought... "Oh No, What if my WIP's look to Jumbled?" "Will people see what I see?"  etc....
I guess that is why we are doing this... to share our thoughts, ideas, wips, etc.

So... Here goes...

This is a Rag Top Quilt that I am working on. I did a Swap on my Quilting Board and got 40 different 5" squares from all over the country. I had to add some of my extra flannel to make this the size that I wanted! All I have left to do is finish sniping the top and into the washer it goes!

These are my Very FIRST EVER Attemps at Paper Piecing! Both are going to swappers! These were WAY out of my box. I thought Paper Piecing was going to be WAY TOO HARD, but its not!

This is currently on my design wall! Do you think I need to move the blocks around? Do the light colors washout in certain areas?? This is a WIP! I havent quite decided what to do with it yet!

This is a quilt that Alyssa helped me design. She picked the sashing and borders. This is pinned and waiting to be quilted!
This is how I have marked my machine in order to sew half square triangles! It works wonderfully!

This is another WIP on my design wall! Is it too dark? Shoule I move around the blocks more? I included some pink and brown 4 patches, but everything else is scrappy. Should I remove those?

I tend to put things up on my design wall and then wait for them to speak to me. Most of the time the fabric will tell me what it wants me to do with it! I'm still waiting on this one!

I took the Process Pledge

 I have joined the Process Pledge! I'm really excited about it! I think it could give me more creative inspiration!!

I, _____Lisa___________, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in the in words or be sure I’m being totally clear. I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.

 The Process Pledge

So keep an eye out for my next Process Pledge Updates on my WIP's (Work's In Progress!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Giveaway Found!

JayBird Qults is doing a giveaway!


 so what are they giving away to one of you??
It’s a Martinique Jelly Cake and a $20 gift certificate to their store!!!

that's a $90 value!!

Just hop on over to Jay Bird Quilts to enter this wonderful giveaway:

Deadline: You have till 10pm est on thursday the 10th to enter.

Simple Womans Daybook!!


Outside my window... There is a cardinal that is driving my cats crazy!!

I am thinking... You never know how much you wanted to do something until you cant do it anymore!

I am thankful for... The people around me who listen to me when I am upset and comfort me during my times of disapointment!

From the learning rooms... We are done with everything except the last of the 50 States and Capitals AND the kids want to finish our last 1 1/2 chapters of Science... Oceanography & Astronomy

From the kitchen... Lisa and I finished our cooking for a month (even though we didnt get 30 dishes made) also last night I made a really yummy "Amish Shoe-fly Pie". It tastes like licorice!!

I am wearing... Jeans and a brown shirt!

I am creating... A gift for someone (shhhh its a secret)

I am going... to the library later today!

I am reading... The Circle of Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverinni

I am hoping... That everything goes smooth.

I am hearing... The clock chime 8 o'clock!! I LOVE MY new clock!

Around the house... The cats are wanting attention!

One of my favorite things... My SEWING ROOM!! or as Detto Calls it... My Quilting World!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish my gift, Make more blocks for my boomerang swap, add borders to a quilt that should have already been finished, Laundry!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
At the Orlando Science Center!