Monday, September 28, 2015

Hanauma Bay State Park, Hawaii

Detto and I & Lisa and Ronnie all headed to Hanauma Bay State Park to go snorkeling. 

The park had some pretty cool displays. 
The showed the different coral that we would see while snorkeling.

And these items are AWESOME!!

This place is so beautiful!! 

I was so excited aobut getting in the water! 

My Detto ready to go!! 

Isn't this place surreal?

We had to walk down the hill/mountain to get to the water. This road was steep I didn't know how we were going to get back up the hill after snorkeling and wearing myself out! 

So pretty!The beach was so pretty!

Detto and I swam around for a few hours and then we had to rest! 

Laying here on the beach in Hawaii with my hubby! Does it get any better than this??

I love that the rescue boards said Hawaii! 
I was very entertained by the little things.

We are so blessed!
I will post some pictures of what we saw while snorkeling!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Around the Hotel in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

When we arrived this is what we got from Princess House. 
The little snack was really yummy too!

We headed down on our first night to find some food and we were delighted to find a woman dancing the Hula and a great band!

She was very talented!

The hotel had a QUILT gift shop!!

I loved all of the artwork, but this statue in the front of the Sheraton was pretty impressive! 

This light was so unique.I had to take a picture.

Hawaii was very pretty at night!We enjoyed sitting on the beach, hearing the gentle waves, and looking at the lights!

When we walked into the town I wanted proof that we were in Waikiki!! 
So cool! 

I am enjoying looking at all of my pictures of Hawaii! 
I will be posting more tomorrow! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hawaii, Driving around the Island ~ Part 2

The Royal Hawaiian had a display of their original china and dinnerware. 

The original menu for their restaurant.

Pictures of the hotel when it was built.

This is the lobby.Yes, it opens right up to the elements.
Detto is standing there enjoying the view.

We found Lisa!! And so... 
We had to stop and get coffee!!

Me and my Detto!

Look at this palm tree!

The guys!!

We were ready to hit the water!!

We drove through town to go snorkeling in the Bay!

Here are the pictures of our drive...

The island is so small, but the mountains are so big!

I thought this sign was neato!Maybe because I don't speak Hawaiian. I don't know what it means.

Look at the mountains in the distance!

This was a park that we were passing. 
It was right on the water and so pretty!

We stopped at the scenic overlook!
This place is so pretty!
I will post more tomorrow!