Friday, February 25, 2011

Mount Dora & Me

Last Weekend we walked around downtown Mount Dora! I love my little town! There is always something going on here. This time it was a Horseless Carriage convention!

Doesn't she look like she should be driving? LOL

This Car Seat Was crackin' me and Detto up!

The cars were so cool!
After we checked out the old cars, we walked out on the Lakeside Inn Dock. This place has so much history for Detto and I.

We enjoyed the whole day!

It is soooo pretty this time of year.

P.s. Detto took all of these pictures on his phone. I am really impressed. Aren't you?

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Science Experiments

This week I taught Alyssa about Lungs and Lung Capacity. The experiment was a flop, I guess sometimes they are. Here are the pics. I think they are pretty funny!

The book said the water would stay in the plastic jug when you turn it upside down, and then remove the plate. It went EVERYWHERE!!

I forgot to post the follow-up pics of Alyssa's "Bone Experiment". We soaked the bone in vinegar for several days and then... It was rubbery. The vinegar dissolved all of the calcium in the bone! Strange!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Process Pledge Update!

It has been awhile since I have given a QUILTING UPDATE.... I am working on several Quilts right now!! I have already started working on Christmas Presents, but I'm not telling who these are for!

This one is black, white, and blue.

This is the "Spinning Stars" Quilt. I have quilted aprox. 1/4 of it!  

Dont I have the cutest model?
I-SPY Quilts! I made two of them that are baby size! I might add borders to them, I'm not sure yet!
They are still in progress!

Design Wall! This is all of the pieces of my I-Spy Quilts before I cut them down to size and added the borders!

This is a Doll Quilt that I got from a swap partner. It is all have pieced and quilted and it has beads on it!

This is a small quilt that I made for someone...
It is really cute up close! The center panel is "Briar Rabbits Friends".

And this is my POSTAGE STAMP Quilt! It is made up of 2,688 2" squares. I LOVE the black border!
No I have to find some backing fabric and quilt it. It is HUGE... 64x76

Valentine's Weekend Part 3

After all of the fun at Bok Tower Gardens and Pinewood Estates we couldn't decide what to do on the "actual" Valentines Day. So after careful consideration we decided to go to

We were shocked at the price, but then we found a COUPON (I love coupons) for a Family 4 pack! It ended up being a bogo! This was the first year we ever took the kids with us when we went out for Valentine's Day. Let's just say, it was a "learning experience". It wasn't a bad choice, however it wasn't a romantic choice either. LOL

Detto got picked to "help" out, and then later a guy grabbed my arm and pulled me up to the front. THEN... Alyssa got to go up on the pirate ship, with all of the kids. I wonder why Stephen didn't want to go?? Hmm

Overall it was a great night. I thought the show was a little long. They told us to get there at 6pm and the show wasn't over until 9:30pm. Then we had an hour drive home. That is a long night. I didn't realize I would have the kids out so late on a school night. Oops

The food was pretty good definately not a 5 star restaurant, but there was lots of it.
The show was good too. We liked the acrobatics and the stage fighting the best. There was lots of people flying through the air too. It was a really fun time overall.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Weekend Part 2

Here is a quick look at the Pinewood Estate that we toured. The website says: Explore Pinewood Estate’s beautiful gardens and 20 room Mediterranean-style mansion built in the early 1930s. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is considered one of the finest examples of Mediterranean-style architecture in Florida. From time to time, special musical performances are featured at Pinewood Estate.
It was VERY neat. I loved all of the different doors and each room had different tiles on the floors and the walls!
This is the front entrance. Isn't that tile awesome?

The Breakfast room

Entry Bath. Again, I love the tile.

Dining Room


The Owners office, it had the only phone in the house and the only room with wood floors. They said the owner wanted wood floors so that radio would sound better in that room.

Living room

Ball Room

Family Room

One of the Porches!

One of the bedrooms. This one seemed to me to have the best light!

Another cool door

This picture shows some of the different tile on the floors and the walls, and I love the door.


The courtyard

The fruit garden

I loved this pond

I thought this looked like the kids had hats on. I have never seen orange trees rounded like this.

I loved this door.
Everything was so pretty. I would really recomend if you live in Florida you take the time to enjoy this place.