Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Volunteering ~ HandOn Network

Today I joined the "HandsOn Network". This is a volunteer organization that encourages us to get out there and do something to help make our world a better place. I think there are probably lots of people doing and we dont even know about it! Today I joined and I hope you will head on over here and see what you can do to help too!
By sharing my commitment I hope that it encourages you to join to!!
Here is my commitment: I made donation quilts last year and it was sooo adictive. This year I want to do it again. I just joined a group of ladies at a local church who are making a difference with their sewing machines. Last year I was making donation quilts by myself, but this year I have a group who will keep me on task, encourage me, and share in the joy of giving and doing for others. I am really excited about this commitment!
Here are some of the quilts that I donated in 2010:

For some reason it didn't let me add all of the pictures. Oh well!!!
Get out there and get involved!
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