Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lately.... Part 2

We went to Ybor City a few weeks ago. It was so cool. We went to the Ybor Historical Museam. We really enjoyed learning about the history of Ybor City. The whole town was founded on the cigar industry!

The park ranger/ tour guide told us how a Cuban family sold their home and property back to the Cuban Government. It doesn't show up on any of the local maps. He told us how to get there and so...

We have our feet through the bars and our hands on the plants, so technically we are "IN CUBA"!

Notice the Cuban flag??

This is where it all started... The location of the FIRST Cigar Factory in Ybor City.
Detto Standing in front of the "Cuban Land"! His foot is technically in CUBA!

We took the kids to eat at "The Columbia Restaruant"! It was, of course, supper-dupper YUMMY! We had traditional Cuban food and deserts! The Flan was amazing. Alyssa wanted Creme Brulee because she wanted to see them "FLAME IT"! LOL

Alyssa with her "Creme Brulee"!

Stephen and his Flan!

Alyssa was amazed at how she did this! LOL

As we were walking back to our car we came up to a...
We had to take pictures with it

It was a great time! We have really been enjoying the state of Florida. I love being a tourist!
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