Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stephen's First Marching Band Parade!!

On Saturday, Stephen marched in the Mount Dora Black History Parade with the Mount Dora Middle School & High School Bands.
This was his first time marching with a band in a Parade! We were all so excited!
Stephen did really good. He definately held his own. In my humble opinion, he did better than the high schoolers. They played a song by Lady Gaga. I'm not sure which one (I'm not a big fan of hers, so maybe that's why I didn't recognize it).

This was my first Black History Parade and I must say it was VERY different from the parades I am used to. I really enjoyed seeing all of the different "floats"! I wish I could have shown you all of them, but these are my top picks. LOL

Alyssa with Sheriff Borders!

This was really cute! I'm not sure if you can read the sign, but it says "Have you been good for another Sisters, soul lately?" I thought that was really a great ministry.

Black Mason's - Who Knew they had a seperate order?

This is a video of The Lake County Attractions Step Team!
The crowd was "clearly" enjoying this group!

Step Team

This was the Mount Dora High School Baseball team. They saw a camera and stopped the whole parade. With that much enthusiasm I HAD to include their picture!

I just thought this "Pink Panther" car was amazing.


Here is OUR BOY!! Stephen is so AMAZING!!

This truck was blowing my mind. His hood was raising and lowering as he was driving. Who would think to add such a feature? I can't imagine why I would need such a feature, but it is definately making me re-think my vehicle purchase. What "should" I have planned for in the purchase of my car? Seat ejectors?
I thought the hood raising while driving was a negative... hmm.
This just make me realize, I really don't know alot about cars.

He must specialize in  hydraulics because he also needed the truck bed to raise. Maybe this truck doubles as a dump truck? It sure was a fancy dump truck....

Now these guys have it figured out. Can you say "Low Gas Mileage?"
I bet their car insurance is "non-existent".

I dont know if you can tell from the picutre, but this guys car had quite a paint job. The impressive part was that his 4 wheeler that he was towing had a matching paint job.
I really enjoyed the parade. Almost every group threw candy and Alyssa filled my purse. It was quite a show!

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