Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Warning: Taking Nana to dinner could be dangerous

This week we decided to head back over to the "Speckled Butterbean" and this time we decided to treat Nana. We had a blast. Since it is ALL YOU CAN EAT, we decided to see just how much we could eat. We must have had over 20 plates taken away from our table. We laughed, Stephen Cried (not really), we talked, and we ATE!

At some point, I'm not sure how it happened, Nana decided it would be funny to start slapping Stephen. I grabbed the camera and did a play by play. Here is the proof...

 Look at the faces she is making... it was crackin' me up!

Thankfully, Nana decided to play nice and Stephen and Nana made up....

They are so cute!!
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