Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Weekend Part 3

After all of the fun at Bok Tower Gardens and Pinewood Estates we couldn't decide what to do on the "actual" Valentines Day. So after careful consideration we decided to go to

We were shocked at the price, but then we found a COUPON (I love coupons) for a Family 4 pack! It ended up being a bogo! This was the first year we ever took the kids with us when we went out for Valentine's Day. Let's just say, it was a "learning experience". It wasn't a bad choice, however it wasn't a romantic choice either. LOL

Detto got picked to "help" out, and then later a guy grabbed my arm and pulled me up to the front. THEN... Alyssa got to go up on the pirate ship, with all of the kids. I wonder why Stephen didn't want to go?? Hmm

Overall it was a great night. I thought the show was a little long. They told us to get there at 6pm and the show wasn't over until 9:30pm. Then we had an hour drive home. That is a long night. I didn't realize I would have the kids out so late on a school night. Oops

The food was pretty good definately not a 5 star restaurant, but there was lots of it.
The show was good too. We liked the acrobatics and the stage fighting the best. There was lots of people flying through the air too. It was a really fun time overall.

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