Thursday, December 30, 2010

Entering into the New Year!!

I have felt this way for as long as I can remember... The New Year should be entered in with a CLEAN HOUSE!! and a clean slate! So.... I appologize if I have offened, wronged, or hurt anyone this year. Isnt it amazing that the offender often wont remember the wrong they have committed, but the offened will never forget. So, I'm assuming that I MUST have offened, wronged, or hurt someone and I am truly sorry. Please forgive Me!

As found here are the origins of the saying - "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Read it if you get a chance... very interesting. One of my favorite statements is the statement by John Wesley "'Slovenliness is no part of religion.'Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness.'"
I have been "PREACHING" this to my kids for years, however that is our MAIN focus today. I started my cleaning earlier in the week, but as the week nears to the end we have stepped it up. I dont want any dirty clothes in the house. No trash, no clutter, no mess, etc. This is sometimes hard with "one" of my kids.... I wont name any names... but I think we all know which one it is.

I am on a roll so far... bathrooms have been cleaned litterally from top to bottom. Walls wiped down, baseboards cleans, floors swept, mopped (several times), mirrors cleans, etc. I am changing the sheets on the beds. Dishes are done and kitchen cabinets are wiped down. The house is dusted. The rugs have been all shaken out. And more...  I LOVE this feeling.
I am airing out the house today because the weather is soooo nice!

I have oftened wondered if I am the only person who sweeps then mops then sweeps and mops again, then sweeps again and mops with plain water.... Every time I sweep I seem to pick up more dirt and every time I mop the water comes out dirty. Do I have abnormally dirty floors? Do I have the wrong mop? Do I not sweep often enough? I sweep daily and mop every other day. Please tell me what you do.
When I was first married I used a sponge mop, because thats what my Mom used. Then I used to use a string mop because Ora said it was the best. They both seem to work the same to me. Now I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop because when I was cleaning my friends house last year she had one and it was amazing how much dirt you saw on the mop. I wonder which kind is TRULY the best????

I would love some feedback.
I read once that the Dutch believed it was bad luck to enter the New Year with a dirty house or any outstanding Debt. That is awesome!

Happy NEW YEAR! May God Bless our 2011!

***** And for those of you who have read this far you will see there is going to be a GIVEAWAY*****

I am giving a TARGET Gift Card and a Copy of Mrs. Sharp's Traditions to the people with the best New Years Customs/ traditions story.
It can be your own Custom/ tradition or a History that you were told or read about.
I LOVE HISTORY!! so... here's to New Years!!

If you win the Target Gift Card you could use it to buy a new mop... or something that will help make your 2011 better for YOU!!

Please post about this on your blog and link it back to this page or... if you dont have a blog click on "Comment" on the bottom of the page and leave your story or memory there.

There are FOUR CHANCES Per Person to enter
*One entry for every story! (Dont forget to link it back to this page)
*Get a Second entry for telling me which kind of Mop you use and why
*The Third Entry for Following my blog
*Fourth Entry for telling me HOW YOU mop your floor... any re-moppers out there??
Thanks for participating!
Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

I will post the winner on Wednesday January 5th, 2011 at Noon!
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