Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its Christmas Time

I am loving this cold weather... Normally I am not a big fan of the cold, but for some reason I am loving being bundled up all day in my cozy comfy clothes and slippers. Drinking hot tea, hot cocoa, and yes even hot coffee. I am loving my scarfs, mittens, and ear muffs. I live in FLORIDA and there is ice on the ground in the mornings and biting winds. For the last 3 nights we have had temps in the 20's at nights. That is CRAZY!
Making Decorations!

Our Christmas Village!

Fezziwig's House... Do you see Ebenizer Scrooge looking in the window?

The house from A Christmas Story!

Our Ice skating pond!

We have been doing lots of Christmas-y things this year... going shopping at the mall, walking around looking at Christmas lights and decorations, drinking hot cocoa, playing Christmas games, putting together Christmas puzzles, and.... Visiting SANTA!!

This Christmas is much better than last year. I am so glad Detto is home this year. I know I had him home for two weeks last year, but this is much better. I like being with my hubby all the time.
We went to his Army Units Family Day / Christmas party that was good and bad. We found out the dates for his upcoming deployment :( When they give you a date it makes it feel more... definate. Before it was just talke about sometime next year... they changed the location and the details, but now its on paper. Not just a conversation. :(

I hope everyone is enjoying spending time with their families this Christmas because that is what it is all about! God is so good to us! I'm glad I have the bestest friends and family in the world!! Hugs
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