Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Process Pledge

I thought I would share a quick pic about what is on my Quilting Board at the moment! I have a WIP (Work In Progress)!! I am making MYSELF a Christmas Quilt... Will it be done in time for Christmas??? We'll see!!
Here are some of the pics of my Quilt In Progress.. I hope you like them:
These are some great Blocks that I bought Oct. 2009

Should I use this green striped fabric as the center?? Does it clash with the red sashing?? Well, I like it!

Here is the Sashing laid out!

I have finished piecing the blocks.. Now for the borders!

so far I am LOVING the results! I need to sew the borders on and add another light blue.... then I need to figure out the backing... If I focus maybe, just maybe... There will be a new quilt for me to snuggle with on Christmas Morning... We'll see!!
Have a GREAT DAY!!
Quilted Hugs, Lisa
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