Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Weekend Part 1

Knowing that Detto wont be here next year for Valentine's Day, we decided to go all out this year! So we made a "Valentine's Weekend".

We started the weekend off watching Stephen March in the parade, then after that we visited Bok Tower Gardens!

We were all amazed at how much we enjoyed visiting GARDENS!! It was beautiful and the tower was so interesting. We also toured Pinewood Estate, historic 20-room Mediterranean mansion. We arrived during the first Bell Concert and we ushered into the gardens with the sound of beautiful bells coming from the 205 ft tower.

First we went through the museum and then we took the "TOUR"! I'm so glad we did. We were told so much great info about the gardens history, plants, and the original founding and creating of Bok Tower Gardens. Here are some of our pictures:

There were swans in the 15 ft moat. They were very pretty, but they didnt like it if you got to close to the water. They would bite your shoes.

This is from the top of "Iron Mountain" 319 ft about sea level.

The reflecting pool in front of the tower was breath taking!

This is bamboo, its over 20 ft high!

 The museum told so much about the history of Bok Tower and the founder Mr. Edward Bok.
Edward Bok's Desk

The Carillon ~ 60 bells!

This is how big the BIGGEST bell is! The smallest is about the size of a soccer ball.

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