Thursday, June 30, 2016

9th Grade Field Trip to The Florida Aquarium ~ Part 2

We had so much fun checking out the otters!

Check out the size of this fish!

The colors were so vivid!

I love how happy she is!  

Ring-tailed Lemurs


Why would they go into the cage and poke at them??strange!

So cool!

Swimming in the tank!

Silly girls! 

Puffer fish!This fish was HUGE!! 

These sea horses were so cool! 

The jellyfish were so big!

It was cool the way the aquarium lit up the tanks.

I was really impressed with the different corals and sea life.

Penny Press

It was a GREAT field trip!! 

9th Grade Field Trip to the Florida Aquarium!

I got to go with Alyssa's 9th grade class on a FIELD TRIP to The Florida Aquarium!! 


The group!

 The touch tanks are AWESOME!! 

Silly girls! 

 All of the kids enjoyed touching the different animals! It's so cool to see all of the different animals and feel the differences.

We got to do a lab experiment while at the aquarium! 

Dissecting a Squid! 


Even the adults got involved! 

Sissy seemed to enjoy it!!

 Happy Kids! 

I love this girly!! 

I am so blessed! 
I'll post more of this trip soon!