Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Egg Hunting at Noni & Popi's 2015

After church we went to Noni and Popi's to have our family egg hunt!! 

I LOVE watching the kids faces as they hunt eggs!

Billy, Luke, and Ashley joined us too!

They were so cute!

Reilly, Kirin, and Ishana were having fun seeing who could get the most eggs! 

Jason and Popi were having fun with Alex! So sweet! 

Ashley wanted her picture taken! She wanted to show how many eggs that she had gotten! LOL

I love this guy! 

Reilly was thrilled to hold Alexander! 

I love these crazy girls! 

Our girls are so awesome!! 

Then the sorting began! 

Lil chipmunk!

Nana had fun with everyone too! 

Twins!! LOL 

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