Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing Projects & Miserable Missouri!!

I have a list going of what projects I'm working on!! My bestie Lisa has me signing up for everything that comes along!! Thanks Lisa :P   I am mid-block on several projects....
Here is some of the stuff that I'm currently working on!! This is a Charity Quilt that Lisa and I made together last year! I had lots of the church members sign it and now I am sending it to Lisa's Pastor who is taking it on a Missions Trip and giving it to a Church in Russia!!

These are some blocks that I got in the mail for the Round Robin! I need to make blocks to compliment and go with these!! And then... I will send all of that to the next quilter who will add a border and off to the next quilter.... and on and on and on!! Isn't that fun??

I went and visited Detto this weekend! I HATE being away from him!! We only have 16 more days till he graduates!! YEAH!! Its snowing again in Missouri... It snowed the morning I left!! It was nice seeing him. We got the whole weekend together!! I flew up on Friday and left on Monday!! Nice LONG weekend!
Can you see the snow?
The landscape was bleak!! I'm sure it's pretty in the Summer though!
Some of the locals call Fort Leonard Wood - Fort Lost in the Woods!! There wasn't even a Wal-Mart there! Now that's pretty desolate!!
This jeep was in the airport!
I liked stepping off the plane in Florida! It was a nice warm 74 degrees!! AAAaahhhhhh!! I'm Home!

The kids and I started our Downy Quilts for Kids!! Here are some pictures of us working! They are doing great!! Next comes some cutting!!?!?!?! Pray for me! After I cut part of my finger off.. I'm a little nervous about showing them how to cut!! Maybe they will just watch this part!
"Why do we have to iron the fabric BEFORE and AFTER we sew it??"

Look... I let them use the Pfaff! It has a built in guide so their seams were perfect everytime!!

Showing Stephen how to seam rip!! He was not happy about having to rip out what he had just sewn!!
I am the luckiest Woman in the WORLD!! God has blessed me with a wonderful Family!!
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