Friday, January 8, 2010

My Kids are AMAZING!!

Lately around here the kids have been so.... Well, Amazing! The things they say and do just blow me away! They have started a new "club" called the Explorer Kids Club! They went out in the back yard yesterday (& the neighbors yard) and took pictures and videoed the neighbors frozen pond. They took pictures of the frozen grass and bugs and all kinds of things! I couldnt believe it! They are so cute! When they came inside, Stephen started "editing" their video. I was telling this to Detto and we both didnt know we even had that software. Neither of us know how to edit our video's!! Then... they emailed their new "Episode 1 of Explorer Kids" to their friends and family members!! I was blown away!! I am so blessed!! Today they wanted to wake up at 5 am to video more stuff... I put a stop to the early wake up! I told them that they could get up at 6:30am, but I dont think they need to be outside in the dark!! Sunrise this morning was at 7:19am!! When it came time to get up at 6:30am they both said they wanted to sleep a little longer.... So they didnt get up until our regular wake up time!! If you would like to see their movie, just send me a message and I will be more than happy to email it to you! They would love that!!
Here are some of the pictures they took:

This morning Alyssa decided she wanted to make pancakes.... She LOVES to cook! The cooking gene skipped me!! But Alyssa is so happy with an apron on! Stephen decided that he would be the photographer and I was recruited as the honorary Hot Tea drinker and overseer!! They are too cute!!

Stephen wanted a turn flipping the pancakes!! I love his expression in this photo!
Yesterday was a HUGE Day for me!! I bought a new sewing machine!! Yippy! I got such a great deal! I found a Pfaff in the newspaper! The woman who was sell it had no idea what it was or how to use it. She said it was her Mother-in-laws and she doesnt need another sewing machine in the house. Wow!! I was able to haggle with her and I bought it for only $45!! The same model sold on Ebay yesterday for $300 plus $45 shipping!! THANK YOU LORD!! It runs great! It is an amazing sewing machine!! I am so happy!!
My Brother sewing machine that I bought 8 months ago just stopped working... I mean nothing, nada, zip, none!! I found my warranty papers and I called the repair guy to schedule a time to bring it to him.... The guy walked me through fixing my sewing machine on the PHONE!! He also walked me through fixing my Mother-in-laws machine over the phone!! Ora gave me her cabinet machine and then that wasnt working, but this guy walked me through fixing Ora's machine too!! I now have 3 WORKING SEWING MACHINES!! Here is a picture of my sewing room now!! Yippy!

Also, while my sewing machine was down... I decided to make myself a scarf. My friend Erica has this pretty scarf that she bought. I took one look at it and quoted my Mother "I could make that!". And so I did...
I even added a flower!
Erica's scarf has flowers all over it, but I just added one! Mine is a little LONG, but I can always pull out a few rows!! Thats one thing I love about crocheting!!

Alyssa is wearing a scarf I made for her a few years ago!!
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