Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scrap Quilt!!

I think quilters around the world have caught the "Scrap Quilt Fever"! Some of this may be new or some of us may have been secret scrap collectors and are just now coming clean!!
I have been working on my postage stamp quilt for over a year!! I have been cutting my scraps into 2" squares and sewing them together! I use them as leaders and enders of all of my other projects so it has been a slow, but steady project. For you non-quilters: leaders and enders means.... when I finish sewing two pieces of fabric together I stick some of my two inch squares under the needle instead of pulling all that thread out and cutting it = waisting thread!! I only waste aprox 1/4 in. of thread between blocks!! Yeah!!
I went ahead and laid out all of my blocks to see how far I was getting... I was shocked at how many I had!! I stopped laying them out when I ran out of room in my sewing room!! I think this quilt is going to turn out so good!!

I have been working on LOTS of Swaps!! Here are some of the blocks that I am working on!

I have signed up for a few more swaps!! I love getting squishy's in the mail!! aka... packages with fabric in them... get it they are squishy!! I have been working ALOT on applique'! Who knew it was so easy?

My next project is this!! A RAG RUG!! I have enlisted my kids! We are going to braid one rug and then I am going to try and crochet a rug!! We will see how they turn out! I need rugs for the garage anyways so even if they turn out horrible I will still be able to use them in the garage!! If they turn out GREAT (which I hope they do) I will be making some "extra's"!! I cant wait to get started!! I have all of these clothes that dont fit me anymore and some of them arent "pass on" worthy!! So I will Re-Purpose them!! Yeah!!
These are some of my inspirations!!
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