Thursday, January 14, 2010

BOM and other Stuff!!

I cant believe this week flew by so fast!! I tried to get lots of sewing accomplished, but... It didnt happen that way!! Oh Well!! Here is what I did get accomplished!!

Also, I took the kids to the Lake Eustis Museum of Art ! They were featuring painter/artist Victor Bokas. He work was very creative. Just FYI kids are free and Adult are asked to give a $5 donation!! We spent a little over an hour looking at the paintings and talking about them. Victor Bokas has alot of multi-dimentional hidden in his paintings. In this painting - the watermelon seeds are real watermelon seeds.
You have to look close to see things like this. So me and the kids played a kind of "I-spy" with the paintings to point out all of the neat stuff!!

The is called "Victor's Playhouse"

This is Alyssa explaining why the picture is called Flowers and Fireworks!!

This is a gas can with Corvett's carved? into it!!
We also Volunteered at Camp Thunderbird, but I will do a separate post for that!!

Our Downy Quilts for Kids - Kits came in the mail!! We picked which ones we are going to make and the kids had some friends come over and claim the other kits!! We are planning on doing a SEW-IN and work on the quilts together!! That should be lots of fun!

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