Monday, January 4, 2010

Its the NEW YEAR!! Welcome 2010!!

I am so excited about this New Year!! I just feel that it is going to be an awesome year!! I don’t know how or why, but I just know!! I have a feeling like I was given a new chance to change and do things better! I am taking this chance!! I have made lists about my projects I am going to complete this year and lists about lists I need to make... I sound like my Grandmother - she was the ultimate list maker!

I am going to change some of the ways we do our schooling. I have changed bed times, wake up times, school times, etc. The kids are very confused, but they will catch on!! I have caught up with grading and I am almost caught up with planning!!! I am so excited about all of my sewing projects.

I have signed up for 3 new swaps & BOM's!! I can’t wait to get going!! I am also completing some of MY personal quilting and sewing projects!! Here is one that is almost done... I just need to do a little more quilting on it.

Also, I feel different about Detto being gone this time. I feel like... I can do this! I have done it before and look at me... I survived. I have accomplished things that I never would have done if God hadn’t allowed us to go through this! I drove (by myself) to South Carolina, I bought tires for the truck, I made my first Car payment, and the list goes on... I am sad that he left again, but I feel like I will use this time to get things caught up and back on track and I will be ok! When he was away at BCT I used the time to get back in the WORD!! I was so blessed by my Bible reading and devotional books! I am loving all of the encouragement I am getting from the Bible! The Bible says how David encouraged himself in the Lord his God in 1 Sam 30:6! I love how getting in the Word encourages me! I am so blessed.

I am sad that Detto is gone. I miss him alot. The kids miss him alot.... But it is different this time! Yesterday I talked to him 4 times. We talked until 12:30am!! I was falling asleep on the phone and so was he!! I love that we have the privilege of talking on the phone like that! This is nothing life BCT where we got a 5 minute call sometimes on Sunday afternoons!! Please continue to pray for Detto who is stationed in Snowing/ Freezing Missouri!! Also please pray for Angela, Sheldon, and their daughters. Sheldon was deployed to Afghanistan right before Christmas, and Angela is Prego. Also, pray for my little brother John. He left for the Air Force Basic Training yesterday and he will be in Texas for 8 1/2 weeks!! Pray for his wife Sam and his daughter Anaia! It is strange that so much of my family is away in the military right now!! New Year = New experiences!!

Another thing I am really excited about is the Volunteering projects me and the kids are going to be doing!!! We have signed up for Disney's Give a Day Get a Day we signed up here! We are going to help clean up a Camp for Special Needs Kids!! We are doing this on Saturday!! The kids are really excited about it! Also, we have committed to make some quilts for Quilts for Kids! We are making 3 - one from Alyssa, one from Stephen and one from me!! This organization is really cool!! They are sponsored by Downy and they send you a quilt kit! All you have to do is follow the instructions and send it back! The quilt is then given to a child in need! I was shocked when the kids decided to do one each. I thought we would do a "family" quilt, but NO WAY... Alyssa wants to do her own and Stephen wants to do his own... So "come on Mom, you can do your own!" So we are making THREE!! I have already sent off for the kits! I ordered some extra kits in case anyone I know wants to do it too!! Just send me a message and I will give you the kit!!

Right before Detto left we took the kids bowling! It was so much fun!! I included those pictures and a few of our goodbyes!!

Detto got a STRIKE and the kids were jumping to give him a high five!! They are so cute!

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