Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Here I COME!!

Well, 2009 has been a blast!! We have definately had some ups and downs and lots of changes!! I am glad that we found our "forever home"!! I love our home in Mount Dora!! It is perfect!! I cant wait to start planting in the spring and add lots of color to the yard!! I love my porch with my swing and all of the hanging plants! I love the little touches that make this house a home!!

I cant believe that Detto is in the Army now!! Wow! I was shocked when he came home and told me put his agency up for sale!! He is so happy following the call that I believe God put on his heart!! I hate that he has been gone and will be leaving again in a day, but I know that this is where God has us. This is a season and if I remember that it will help me make it through this.
I love all of the great projects that I have been working on! My goal is to finish ALL of my UFQO's (unfinished quilting objects!) I have lots of stuff that I want to start, but I am going to wait until I finished some more before I start new projects!! I am going to work on completing one quilt per month this year!! I love the feeling of completing quilts!!

I plan on making and donating a quilt to Downy Quilts for Kids and Project Linus!! I love Quilting and sewing!! I cant wait to get my kids addicted!! The kids are going to be making their own quilt to donate to Downy Quilts for Kids!!
I have so many New Years Resolutions this year!! I want to finish my Excellent Wife devotional and I want to do at least two other Bible studies!! I want to get closer to God this year and I plan on stepping up my Bible reading!!

There are lots of goals the kids and I have set for school... like less book work and more discovery! The science cirriculum we are using is a great "discovery science"!
I have been blessed with so much this year!! I am still watching Chloe and I love that she is apart of my life!! I love all of my friends and family! The kids want to do more sports and Alyssa is wanting to get back into dance. I love that my kids are developing musically. They both play the guitar and piano. They are amazing!!

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