Thursday, December 17, 2009

Detto is coming home!!

Well, alot has happened since I my last REAL post!! I went to Detto's Graduation in South Carolina!! On Thursday was a day that we got to hang out! It was FREEZING COLD!! It was so nice to see him. The Graduation was on Friday and they had it inside because it was 27 degree's outside!! When I got to SC on Wednesday it was 75 degrees, when I left on Saturday morning it was 27 degree's!! Crazy isnt it!?!

The inside pictures didnt come out very good. The lighting wasnt good inside! But the outside pictures were better! On Saturday I drove home to Florida and Detto was shipped, by bus, to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo! He got in at 1am and didnt get to sleep at all on Sunday!! Poor Guy!! Good news is he was made Platoon Sgt over his Platoon - 117 men and women!! I was informed this is not a "permanent rank", this is just a position! Either way it looks really good on his record!! He said to me "I was made Platoon sgt., so I will have these stripes on my arm.... until I screw something up! Or someone in my platoon screws up!" I was crackin' up! At least he's keeping it real!

When I got back I was able to go and Visit my new niece Abby!! She is so cute!! It was so great to see her. I got to hold her just briefly. Amy was nursing her most of the time we were there and so.... I took a bunch of pictures as soon as I got to hold her!! Isnt she perfect!?!?

Also, I got to watch my Reilly Bear!! She is so funny!! She was dancing and laughing most of the time she was with me!! I love all of my nieces and nephews!!

I have a bunch of video's of his graduation, but I'm having a hard time getting them to post!!

Detto comes home tomorrow morning!! I cant wait! He will be home for 2 whole weeks! We are planning on going to Disney and the kids have a whole list of things they want to do while Daddy is here!! I'm so glad that he will be home for Christmas!! Yippy!!
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