Friday, June 24, 2016

OXXO gas visit to Ninos de Mexico

The gas company OXXO did a round up campaign and raised a ton of money for Ninos.The kids drew pictures as a thank you.

They had a competition and this was the winning picture!

They wrote thank you letters and presented them to the OXXO employees.

Ninos had a ceremony thanking the three stores that raised the most money.

Of course food had to be involved.

Thank You OXXO!

The kids were excited about showing off their pictures.

The OXXO representative talked about the fundraising efforts and how OXXO wants to give back to the local organizations that are doing for others .

Top Store!

The Ninos kids presented the awards!

Second store!

Third store!

A big thank you to the managers!

OXXO presented Ninos with a HUGE check!

They raised almost $20,000 US dollars!

Then they signed the real check!! 

That's an incredible gift for these kids!

What a blessing! 

Ninos spokesman talked about what Ninos does and how this will benefit the kids.

Then Ninos gave OXXO an thank you for such awesome fundraising efforts! 

The winning picture was also presented to OXXO!

Afterward everyone went outside to talk and take pictures! 

Diane, Al, and Mari

I see you!

The OXXO employees took pictures with the Ninos kids and our ACC group!

It was an honor to be apart of the this special occasion!

The employees got to really meet and talk to the kids that they helped! 

Mandy, Diane, and Carmen

Look it's Alyssa

My Dad spends every minute playing with the kids! 

It was a great day and I very special occasion! 

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