Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nino's de Mexico Visiting the Kids

Jessica got attacked by a giggling girl! LOL

We got to visit another home. This home was all boys. There was some heartwarming revelations at this particular home.
 Before the trip, Carmen raised money to buy this home a dryer.
The amazing thing is these kids have never seen a dryer and struggled to grasp the concept.

They wrote thank you letters and drew pictures of what they thought a dryer was. 
It was very moving!

They served us dinner. It was amazing. The kids made sure that everyone had plenty of food. 
They have so little, but they shared it with us.

After dinner, we went outside to watch the boys get some of their energy out! 

Stephen and David played Soccer with the kids!

Cruz decided to break stuff! LOL

He was all over the place! Such a cutie! 

Inside some of the kids were playing cards with our group!

I had to get some pictures with these babies!

The boys decided to challenge Pop-Pop to some arm wrestling...
 It was hilarious! 

These boys love my Dad! I'm glad that he's able to be a grandfather to them.
We got to visit their rooms too!!

They liked to jump out and scare us! 

So adorable! 

This was heartbreaking...We saw some kids kept their one Christmas gift. It was too special, so they didn't want to open it. 
Many of them had never gotten a gift before. 

Then the wrestling started again.

Linda brought stuff to keep them entertained! 

Then the races began!

So adorable!

Alyssa was given a rose by an admirer.

She was so cute!

Then Stephen came over and wasn't too happy about the whole thing! 

After we got back, we presented Carmen with the thank you letters!

She was overwhelmed!

This was a great day! 

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