Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Group working at Nino's de Mexico & heading to town!

Linda Paul and I were tasked with making curtains for some of the homes.

Linda donated her pants so that we could make matching tie backs!

 We figured it out! 
We made three sets of curtains for three different locations! 
Jessica and Alyssa were tasked with sprucing up the plants!

Stephen and David patched another roof!

Carmen and Diane cleaned for Steve and Janet!

Mandi and Mari painted!

Al did some edging!

Some views from the property!

The mountains were beautiful, but the homes were very sad.

This is the view from the room that we were painting!
We headed to the town for a treat....
Some of the signs on the way made me giggle!

It's hard to see, but if you look close...You can see the tarps are peoples homes. 

Driving around in the van!

This is the finished product of the girls working on clearing out weeds and planting flowers!

We got to have some CHURROS!!


Then I went to the fabric store for one last run for supplies while the rest of the group explored the town! 
There stores are soooooo different! 

The town was so pretty! 

The open air food carts were neat.

So cool!
I'll post more soon! 
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