Friday, August 8, 2014

Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas 2014

This place was amazing!! 

The thought that these caverns are underground and there might be more...

Selfie Time!!

This fern came in on someones clothing and is the only living thing in the caverns. 
It has been here for years!! 

I can not believe that we are really here!! 

These caves are beautiful!!

I love traveling with my explorer guide!!

He was just as amazed by these natural wonders as I was!!

I could not stop taking pictures of this place!

So cool!! As in cold down there! 
It was several degrees colder and it was very humid that far underground.

A bat nesting area.

It was called this because of all of the huge columns.

I will post the final pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy Father's Day!! Texas Continued...Natural Bridge Caverns

We decided to go and check out the Natural Bridge Caverns for Father's Day!!

There it is...
A Natural Bridge!! Isn't that amazing?

and a picture from under it!

We took the tour!!

This place was amazing!

I love this guy!

This is where the original explorers came into the caverns. 

Detto was loving this!! Me too!!

Look at these ribbon things!

I couldn't get enough of these things!

Drips of water made this!!

I wonder what is down that way??
We didn't pay for that tour... The sound of ropes and rappelling didn't sound relaxing to me!

What do you think these black marks are??
We were told that is where bats nested on the roof. 
Anytime that you touch the walls they turned black. Strange right?

This place was huge!

I will post more soon!!