Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day FUN!!

This was a VERY BUSY weekend!! But I loved every minute of it! I love my family and I feel so blessed to spend so much time with them!

This year the kids were so SPECIFIC about what they wanted to get Detto for Father's Day! They wanted to get him the Perfect Pull-up and a movie that I had never even heard of! They are so cute!

Detto was crackin' us up with his poses!

This bow and wrapping paper has been used now on 3 different gift. I have a personal goal to see how many times I can use it! It's stupid, but fun! You never know where this bow and used paper will show up next!

On Sunday we went out to eat after church at Detto's favorite hole-in-the-wall Cuban Restaurant.
Then we made the .... Dreaded Trip to Lowe's! I dont understand the thrill of Lowes for men! Detto wanted to work in the yard on Sunday and plant some ferns that we got from Lisa's OVERGROWN Fern Jungle!

I thought the boys looked so cute. They didnt mean to dress alike, but once I noticed it... I snapped away!

Alyssa had to ride on the cart! She is so cute! Detto was walking too fast, so I made him stop and pose!

The only thing that I wish we could have done was to see my Dad for Father's Day! Oh well!
I hope everyone had a great Father's Day Weekend!
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