Thursday, June 17, 2010

Round Robin Process

This Round Robin center block has been REALLY TOUGH!!
I dont know why, but my fabric keeps bubbling. Its not laying flat. I used stablizer and interfacing.... Huh?? Lisa said my top tension was too tight, but when I put it from 2 to 1 it did the same thing.... Oh well. I have to mail this out by Friday so I need to get it finished.
Here is my Round Robin up to this point....

I need to add a border, but I cant decide which fabric to use.
I love them all so much!
Also, I want it to be easy for the other quilters to add a matching border! Hhhhhhhuuuuuummmmmmm!

Here are some close ups of each of the fabrics, what do you think?

1. Green                  2. Floral Pinky 
3. Peachy stripes 4. Dark Pink

Can you tell I love PINK??
I really need some feedback! So thanks in advance for your help!

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