Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Process Pledge Update!

Ok... This is going to be harder than I thought. As I started taking pictures deciding what to share I thought... "Oh No, What if my WIP's look to Jumbled?" "Will people see what I see?"  etc....
I guess that is why we are doing this... to share our thoughts, ideas, wips, etc.

So... Here goes...

This is a Rag Top Quilt that I am working on. I did a Swap on my Quilting Board and got 40 different 5" squares from all over the country. I had to add some of my extra flannel to make this the size that I wanted! All I have left to do is finish sniping the top and into the washer it goes!

These are my Very FIRST EVER Attemps at Paper Piecing! Both are going to swappers! These were WAY out of my box. I thought Paper Piecing was going to be WAY TOO HARD, but its not!

This is currently on my design wall! Do you think I need to move the blocks around? Do the light colors washout in certain areas?? This is a WIP! I havent quite decided what to do with it yet!

This is a quilt that Alyssa helped me design. She picked the sashing and borders. This is pinned and waiting to be quilted!
This is how I have marked my machine in order to sew half square triangles! It works wonderfully!

This is another WIP on my design wall! Is it too dark? Shoule I move around the blocks more? I included some pink and brown 4 patches, but everything else is scrappy. Should I remove those?

I tend to put things up on my design wall and then wait for them to speak to me. Most of the time the fabric will tell me what it wants me to do with it! I'm still waiting on this one!
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