Monday, July 5, 2010

3rd of July!!

Alyssa and Kyle went to a Church Lock-in on Friday Night and had a blast! This is them waiting to leave!
We have had a GREAT weekend! It was lots of fun!!
We went bowling as a family! It was so much fun!
Detto said that I make alot of faces when I bowl! So..... He took pictures to prove it!
This is when I got a STRIKE!!
This is Detto after he got a strike!! Yeah for you!
Alyssa flexing like Daddy!
Isn't he cute!

Stephen got a strike! He looks mad, but this was his "Happy" Face!
I told Stephen to give me a double "High-Five", but we were trying to get as close to Daddy's head as we could! We thought it was a GREAT game... Detto didn't think so! Hee Hee Hee!

I forgot to tell everyone!! Guess what....... I won! BOTH GAMES!! I have Never Won a bowling game in my life and..... I won twice in one day! (on a side note Detto wants me to meantion that he didn't have his glasses and so he couldnt see) But... I WON!! YIPPY!
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