Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Little Princess!

Alyssa is the Most Wonderful Little Princess in the World! She brightens my day with her kindness, cheerfulness, and constant willingness to help with ANYTHING... She even ENJOYS changing the cat litter! What would I do without her??
Lately, she has blown me away with her drive to do and do more! I enrolled the kids in Lake Sumters Kids College program!! They LOVED it! Alyssa took an Acting: Broadway Bound class! In her acting class she got a main part in the play they did! She did a Great Job! She even got to sing a SOLO part and everyone was BLOWN AWAY at how amazing she sang! (Yes, I'm a proud Momma!)
She did Wonderful!!

Also, We had a BLAST at Disney she is sooooo cute!

We are so proud!

Thank you Lord for my PRINCESS!!! She is so Precious!
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