Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shop Hop Part TWO!!

Lisa and I had a BLAST on Saturday finishing our Shop Hop!!
It was so nice to be kid free for a day and enjoy some GIRLY TIME!!

We enjoyed the Clermont Shop! The ladies were very nice and helpful!

Lisa WON the Hourly door prize and we were Thrilled!

Neither of us had ever been to that Shop and so it was very nice to check it out!

The drive to Deland was LONG…. So we stopped!!
We pulled over at the half way mark to stretch our legs…
Road Trip 101:
1. If you are going anywhere with Lisa and Lisa be prepared to stop every 30-45 minutes to pee, stretch, or both!!

2. If you are going anywhere with Lisa and Lisa and your in a hurry…. Choose an alternative method of travel.

3. If you are going anywhere with Lisa and Lisa…. Bring your sense of humor – You WILL NEED IT!!

We stopped somewhere in the middle of NOWHERE!! I saw the pretty field and HAD to stop!!
Then on to LUNCH... We ate at a cute place about a half of a block from the Quilt Shop of Deland!!
They had 2 For 1's!! Yippy!!

We were actually Shocked at how YUMMY the food was!! We really had a GREAT time!!
Then... off the the Next store!!

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