Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing Catch-up

I realized that I haven't posted anything on here in awhile! Wow! Well, we have been busy, but that is no excuse. With the school year coming to a close we have been trying to finish everything up. Stephen had a WONDERFUL performance at school. That was AWESOME, but I forgot my camera! LOL
But I remembered my camera for his Award Cerimony. He got an award for all A's in Language Arts ALL year and a Citizenship Award for being a model student in the school!

Alyssa had her ballet performance and THANK THE LORD - Detto was here for it! She preformed in "The Mother Goose Suite" at Lake Sumter Community College! Here are some pictures

And We have been working on several school projects...

Alyssa doing a Science Experiment
Alyssa making Papyrus

And.... we went to the FPEA Homeschool Convention...

Here is a picture of me and Lisa during one of the workshops... cant you tell we were paying attention?? LOL Honestly it was very good and it blessed my life!

Detto is doing great! Here is a picture that he sent...

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