Tuesday, July 16, 2013

El Galeon Ship in St. Augustine

We decided to head to St. Augustine.... 
 to check out the El Galeon that was brought to St. Augustine from Spain. 
The El GaleĆ³n, the 170-foot authentic wooden replica of  a Spanish galleon that arrived in St. Augustine on May 21. 

We went with the Heaton's!! 
They are lots of fun! 

The ship was beautiful! 

We had such a perfect day to go and visit the ship! 

 Stephen was really enjoying this! 

I loved exploring this amazing ship! 

The boys enjoyed checking it out! 

The ship was immaculate.

It was such a masterpiece of craftsmanship! 

I was shocked at how small the living quarters were! 

The sink and plumbing was so neat! 

Reilly is so cute! 

 I was amazed at the size of the wheel.
This was such a great trip! 
I will post the more soon... 

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