Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm Back - Well for now!!

I haven't posted in awhile, but life has been overwhelming. First my husband's Uncle Philly passed away on Monday. We drove down to Naples on Sunday to see him and the Family and to say goodbye. It was VERY stressful and overwhelming. He has been sick for a long time, but I wasn't ready for the end. I don't know if you ever are. Detto even went out of town on Monday night. That made it really hard!!
Then we sold my car and so... I had to look for a new one. That was a disaster. Some of you know the story, and I don't want to drag it all back up. Let's just say it was Yucky!! But on a positive note a have a really cute burgundy van sitting in my driveway!! Yeah Me!! I have talked about getting a van for a long time and I really like this one.
The kids went to Vacation Bible School this week with the church. That gave me 3 whole hours all to myself every day. It was really nice. I got so much done. I ran all over town marking things off of my list. The kids loved VBS. They had mega sports camp. Alyssa did cheerleading and Stephen did basketball. They did Soccer at my mom & dad's VBS last week, so they covered all of the options. They really liked it.

Now, next week you probably wont here from me because I am opening a fireworks stand in Wildwood. I will be running that until July 5th. Wish me luck and lots of sales. If you need fireworks I am your girl. I am going to have help. Lisa is sending me her hubby from Nevada to help (Thanks Lis)!! He will be my "muscle"!! Really he is coming to Florida anyways for a wedding and so it really worked out! I am glad to have someone helping though so I don't have it all on me! Everything has really fallen in place (Thank you Lord)!!
Well, on a quilting note:

I haven't gotten too much finished. I worked on my Red, White and Blue quilt. I added another row of blocks. I thought it needed more... and I added a cream scrappy border. I really like it now!! I have to add a blue scrappy border. It is already so big! I need to find somewhere else to take pictures of it. My hallway isn't big enough.

I made a extra block and I think I might make a matching pillow out of it!! What do you think?

It also needs the blue scrappy border still!!
This is my 7th Quilt-A-long block. I haven't finished it, but I will have it done today!! (Lisa, you need to catch up!!) I might change the way this block looks. I don't know if I like the white in the middle like that. I might move the 4 patches so that the green is more in the middle!! I don't know yet! I think it is amazing how you can move a few pieces and the block looks totally different. Here is an example of the same block the pieces are just moved around!! See...

Quilting and sewing is such a stress reliever! It really helps me! I love QUILTING!!
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