Monday, July 27, 2009

Moving ~ Ugh

Well, I know I haven't posted in a while! Sorry! I got busy with life and didn't get around to this!

My fireworks stand went really well! We sold tons of fireworks so thanks to everyone who came out and bought some!!

My kids got sick at the end of the fireworks stand thing. Alyssa had strep throat and Stephen had bronchitis! Ugh! That was really bad for two weeks!
Then we started packing for our big move!!

Then we went to summer camp for a week! I don't know what I was thinking????? I went as a counselor! I had no vehicle, so I couldn't take off. I was stuck! It was a ton of work!! I had no idea!! I thought running a fireworks stand was alot of work!! Not compared to keeping up with 19 (Yes, I said NINETEEN) screaming, hyper, excited campers! All between the ages of 8-12 yrs old! It was alot of work. We woke up every morning at 6:50 am and didn't get to bet until after 1:00 am!! We also kept an eye on a "sneaky" teenager!! But that's another story!!

Well, we are home and I think I have caught up on some of my sleep!! The rest is lost forever!!

Now we are packing the rest of the house! We are moving NEXT week! Panic, hyperventilate, shock, yikes, etc!!

I HATE MOVING! I hope this will be my last move! I love the new house, but getting there is the problem!! I hate having everything in boxes, and boxes stacked all of the whole house! Not knowing where anything is! Not wanting to move boxes around! I don't like the whole experience! Ugh! Sorry to vent like this!
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