Monday, January 14, 2013

Family & Quilting Update

Things have been going great around the Mongiovi House! 
We have been praying for God's will in a few decisions and I am starting to feel peace. I know that being in God's will is the ONLY important thing!! 

I love that Detto is right here for me to bother anytime that I want! LOL
He is so sweet! 
The kids are doing GREAT in school! 
Alyssa just got all A's and only 2 B's on her report card! 

Stephen only has ONE more week of Public school before he comes back home! I am really glad that he is wanting to do Florida Virtual School at HOME, in order to finish up High School more quickly!

I have been working on some more quilts:
I am LOVING the scraps in this one! 
These are for the Quilted Hugs Project! 

These are scraps from Sissy's Quilt top... 
I am not sure yet what I am going to make, but it is slowly talking to me! 
I'm trying to decide if I should put a dark pink strip before this last border....

Like this?!?!?
I pray that you have a BLESSED DAY!! 


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