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Ninos de Mexico ~ Orphanage In Mexico - Quilted Hugs

I have to start of by saying I do not normally do posts about things like this, but I feel compelled to share this!
While in Mexico, we were blessed with the opportunity to visit

I did not take a single picture, as I felt that it was not the right thing to do.
All of the pictures shown on my blog are from the Ninos de Mexico website.

Ninos de Mexico is an orphanage outside of Mexico City.
Mexico City is rumored to be one of the largest city in the world by population, with millions of people.

That being said, it is also one of the poorest cities in the world.

There are many homeless children in need in these areas.

Here is what the Ninos de Mexico website says:

The Greater Mexico City Area is one of the largest urban areas in the world with population estimates ranging from 19.2 million to some 30 million people. In this city alone, there are hundreds of thousands of street children. Some have been orphaned. Others have been abandoned. Still, others are abused. All need the love of Jesus.

Niños de México is a non-profit mission organization directly supported by churches and individuals throughout the United States.

 Our Mission:
Niños exists to share the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ with as many people as possible by raising at-risk children in Mexico to love God and grow to be mature educated Spirit-filled Christians with the ability and passion to evangelize their culture.
They currently have 4 homes with infants, children, & teens in them.

Homes Mission Statement:
Niños’ children’s homes exist to provide a safe family environment for the children within Niños’ care to live and to learn about Christ.
I would like to raise awareness of this ministry that is so in need of support.

They are helping and have helped hundreds of children who have been abused, abandoned, or orphaned.

I would like make some quilts for these kids.
Please join me in sending them Quilted HUGS!!
Currently they have approximately 120 kids in their program and I would like to send them quilts for each one. To me a quilt is like a great big warm hug.
I am calling this project: Quilted Hugs!

If we start now I am hoping to have 120 Quilts finished by Fall of 2012!!
That gives us 8 months to make all of the quilts.

If you are unable to send a whole quilt,
- please send me a block or two (or 10 LOL)!
- That quilt top that you know you wont finish

Make your quilt blocks at least 12 1/2 X 12 1/2

I will sew them together and quilt them into quilts to send.
How Simple is that??

If you feel led, you can donate money directly to their program.
Just go to their website here to donate or support a child!

We in America are soooooooo blessed!
We have children who are similar situations, however we have a government who gets involved and helps care for these children. Mexico is not as lucky.
These children feel unloved & unwanted until they reach the safety of Ninos de Mexico!

My two kids were SHOCKED by the stories of the children.
They both want to go back to help the children.

Here are two stories about the children of Ninos. The names are changed to protect the children:
There is a small boy who was found as a newborn. He was wrapped in saran wrap and a dirty blanket. He was found on a sidewalk on a busy street. People walked by and did not even notice the small bundle. Police found him and brought him to Ninos because they did not have anyone to care for him. The people of Ninos named him Carlos and took him to the doctor. The doctor said that Carlos was no more than a few days old when he was brought to Ninos. He is now almost two years old and Ninos is the only home he has ever known. Carlos would not be alive and healthy today if it were not for Ninos adopting him and providing a home, food, health care, and a family for him.
He now lives in the boys home and has 15 "brothers" who all look after him.
He gets into EVERYTHING and keeps everyone in the house on their toes constantly!

Mary was found wandering through the city. She was hungry and old enough to beg strangers for pocket change so that she could buy herself something to eat. When she was brought to Ninos she did not know her name or an age. The doctors estimate she was between 3-5 years old. She had no family, no one caring for her, no food, and not one single possession with her. When we were introduced to Mary she said that she had just celebrated her "birthday" (which the people of Ninos picked for her). She told us she is now 9 years old, she loves to study English, and she loves to play Soccer! She lives in a home with 14 brothers and sisters! She was sitting on a couch with 5 other small girls giggling at my horrible Spanish. She has the most amazing eyes and dimples!
Mary does not remember her days on the street wandering. All she knows is that she loves to go to school and play with her "family"! She loves her life.

These are only two of the 120 stories.
There are children who have been brought with horrible tales they could share. There are even a group of SIX siblings who were all brought in at the same time.

Please help me help these kids & teens in need.

My son made a statement that touched my heart. We were watching one boy approximately 5 years old play in the backyard and Stephen turned to me and said, "Mom, look at him. He is kicking a broken soccer ball and playing with it like it is his most prized possession. He is more talented at soccer than anyone I have ever met. Mom - I have WAY too much STUFF! This is making me realize I do not appreciate things the way these kids do. Americans are soooooooo spoiled!"

Stephen is wanting to go on a Missions Trip here with our Youth Group! He has decided to tell the youth about these kids, so they can help. Stephen is 13yrs old.

Please leave me a comment if you would like to send me some blocks, a quilt, or a quilt top.
If you leave your email address I will email you my mailing address.
I will pay to send the quilts to the kids.
I am not asking for money.

Thank you in Advance for Joining with me to help!
I know I can not do this on my own, but together.....

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