Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hanging out at the House in Mexico & Walking around

Here are the kids studying their Spanish...

My Bedroom Window! I just love it!

These are the stairs leading up to the roof!
I love the view from the roof!

Pop-Pop studying his Spanish!

The kitchen looking into the living room!

I love this light!

My kids are sooooo cute!

Part of Spanish class involved walking around the town and practicing their Spanish!

This is the Theatro Juarez!

Theatro Juarez

Don Quixote

I thought this cop looked really happy. LOL

This bridge has an interesting history:
It is a small colonial bridge in the downtown area with a curious history, it is probably one of the few bridges in the world that was built with the single purpose of being a way to enter a house. The house used to be on street level, but this street was lowered twice in order to allow carriages to drive on the road, as a result the house resulted to be located several meters over the street and it became impossible to reach the door. In order to correct this the bridge was built. The name was given because during the XIX Century a bell ringer (campanero) inhabited the place and he have the work of giving advice everytime a carriage was going to use the road.
As all the downtown of Guanajuato the zone is very nice, and the bridge is now used as a very small cofee shop.
I found this info here...

Here are my kids walking under the bridge.

This is Stephen, Rojellio (their Spanish Teacher), & Sissy.
They are standing in front of the Don Quixote & Cervantes Statues!

The streets here are so small!

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