Monday, February 6, 2012

2011 Christmas Day

We all felt like our biggest present was DADDY!
But we also enjoyed the presents from Santa and everyone else!

I love the faces that Stephen makes!

Sissy got a Kanani American Girl Doll from Santa!

The kids were thrilled with their gifts!

I love my kids!

Detto finally got a robe!

I love Stephen's poses! He cracks me up!

Sissy also got a My American Girl Doll!
It looks just like us!

Detto got some toys to!

I gave Abby her VERY FIRST BARBIE!!
She is soooo adorable!

And Jackson got lots of great toys, which he proceded to destroy in under 5 minutes!
So after that he decided to take a nap in his favorite spot. As soon as I went to take the picture he popped up!
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