Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mexico Week 1 - Part 1

My flight into Mexico was actually pretty good.
I loved the view when I was flying in. The green fields and mountains in the distance were breathtaking.

As we drove from Leon Airport to the beautiful city of Guanajanto I was only able to catch a few pcitures. We were going too fast! 

The taxi drivers here are crazy, but this one was only a little crazy!

My first night there we went out to eat!

Afterwards we stopped for Ice Cream.

Mexican ice cream tastes like it has more ice than cream in it.

Me and My Kiddos!

This is the Ice Cream Sign...  Everything in this town is soooo old!

Here is the house we are staying in. Living Room

Stairs to 2nd floor!

I love the kitchen lights.

2nd floor sitting area.
It overlooks the town.

The view from the sitting room.

The stairs leading to the Master Bedroom.

Mom and I took a walk around the town before we went to get the kids from Spanish class.

These chickens were roasting in this fire oven. Right next to the sidewalk.
I couldn't believe that there was nothing covering the oven from the people walking by.

We found a Fabric Store!

Yippy for me!

Well, What did I expect?
I'm in Mexico after all!

I though these curtains were cute!

This is one of the local bakeries.

I couldn't believe how big the donuts were!
They were at least 3x's the size of ours.

All of the pastries were just sitting out on the tables. They weren't wrapped or covered in anyway!

This is the school were the kids are studying Spanish -

Stephen, Alyssa, & Rojelio (sp?)

Dad & Manuel
I love walking around this town. It is actually bigger than I initially thought.

Here are some of the places that I HAD to take pictures of.... The University!

An Archway that we have to walk under to get to the town center.

The street by the school.

A beautiful church downtown.

I love this fountain!!!

Everything here is soooo colorful!
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