Monday, February 13, 2012

Mexico Week 1 Part 2 - Food, churches, etc.

Ensalada De Pollo
We have been eating out A LOT!!
I LOVE Mexican food, so this has been GREAT for me!

Ceasar de Pollo

Fajita Taco's

Tostado's (I think. It is hard to remember!)

 Yuca Taco Thingy's 

These are all handmade cookie-pops!

I could not believe my eyes.
These are all handmade character cakes!
$25 Pecos is only $1.96 USD!!
All of that work for less than $2 WOW!

We don't have a rental car so we get to walk through lots of beautiful places!

I love this square!

I took this picture sitting on the steps of the church!

I love this door!

We went to the Diego Riverra Museo!

This was his home and furniture.

VERY intricate neadlepoint. Probably done by his mother!

I loved this embroidery! It is so amazing!

I had to get a picture of this old typewriter!

This was their bathroom... how cozy!
Here we all are!

I thought this was neat... This is an artist's creation of him and his "girl"! They were really neat!
We were not allowed to take any pictures of his artwork, but there were two whole floors of his paintings, sketches, and scultures!
I have always loved Pigs!
When I saw these painted on the side of a woodworkers shop I had to take their pictures!
I felt like there was such a story with these pigs.
One of the other paintings had been removed.
I wonder what they were doing? Where were they going?

 We got to check out one of the many churches.
I LOVE churches! I fall in love with the artwork, embellishments, chadelliers, etc.
Well, Mexican churches are a little different...
Here is Sissy going in.
I loved how the doors had mini-doors built in them.

This is the ceiling and chandelliers.

I have NEVER before seen a mannequin of Jesus in a glass tomb before in ANY church!
It was actually kind of creepy. They had a place to pray to this mannequin.

I LOVE this door! Isn't it amazing??
It was all hand carved!

I am thoroughly enjoing my trip to MEXICO!!

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