Saturday, February 11, 2012

Detto & I in New Orleans Final Post

After our romantic dinner at NOLA's we walked down to the square and took a carriage ride around the French Quarter. 
The house above is called the Cornstalk Hotel! It has a ton of history!

The carriage ride was really fun!

Afterwards I wanted my picture with the horse

Then the driver asked if I wanted to feed him.
I fed him a whole orange!

We also stopped in Cafe Du Monde

For some coffee and Beignet's!

It was PACKED!!

Our waiter was so fast and efficient that Detto decided to take his picture! LOL

Here we are!

 Enjoying our coffee & Beignet's!

Look what we found??We have been collecting pressed pennies from all over the USA and the world!

Sunday morning we finished our Marriage Enrichment class and we even had a re-dedication ceremony. Here is our certificate!
I had a lot of fun. Detto is such a great friend and hubby!

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