Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kids Heading to Mexico

Well, The kids are in Mexico.
We went out to eat the night before they flew out.
The kids decided that they wanted to go to the House of Blues.

The food was sooooo YUMMY!

After dinner Stephen and Detto went to a concert.
Stephen is a huge fan of August Burns Red and they were there!
Stephen went to buy tickets and a guy in front of him turned around and GAVE him two tickets!
He was sooooo thrilled!

While the boys went to the concert... Sissy and I window shopped and then we got some hot cocoa and hung out!

After we dropped the kids off at the airport we got to babysit Abby!!

She just had to play piano with Uncle Detto!

I love watching her play!

She loves playing with her car seat and with "Gackin" Aka Jackson!
I am sooo blessed!
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