Saturday, February 11, 2012

Detto & I in New Orleans Part 3

More of our trip to New Orleans...
The Saint Louis Cathedral was really pretty!

There were neat artifacts in cases, I could not figure out what everything was for.

Like this umbrella. What do they do with it?

I liked the shell podium!

The statue of Joan Of Arc was really cool too!

I thought it was interesting that they comemorate the date the pope visits!
After we left the church we walked back outside to Jackson Square and look who we saw hanging out in New Orleans....

After that we checked out the gardens in the center of the square.

I love the church in the background.

This was such a peaceful garden area.

We walked around and checked out some the shops.
This one was one of my favorites.
It sold only linens...  the lace and table cloths were amazingly intricate and beautiful!

The artwork from the local artist's was everywhere...
Detto and I really enjoyed looking at all of it.

This guy was a "magician"!

We walked down and checked out the riverfront.
We got to check out the Muddy Waters of the Mississippi!

Then we got to watch the train go by!

After that we stopped by Ms. Laura's Candie Shop and heard all about how "Whoopie Goldberg shopped here once. See the picture?"
Check out what Detto is standing by... LOL

I thought this was pretty interesting.
I love history!
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